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Data Scientists

Experts in quantitative finance, developing models, and analyzing market data.

Responsible for managing large datasets, designing data pipelines, and ensuring data accessibility.

Algorithmic Traders

Developing, testing, and implementing algorithmic trading strategies based on data analysis.

Conducting statistical analysis, backtesting strategies, and researching market trends.

Software Developers

Building and maintaining trading platforms, implementing algorithms, and optimizing systems for high efficiency trading.

Creating tools and infrastructure to support quantitative research and trading strategies.

Hardware Engineers

Responsible for selecting, configuring, and maintaining hardware components such as servers, data storage, and networking devices optimized for trading operations.

Managing and maintaining server farms, ensuring high availability and reliability of trading platforms.

Current Openings

C/C++ Developer

Location: Gdynia


  • Good knowledge of C/C++ (especially modern C++ 14/17/20)
  • Ability to create optimal architecture using design patterns for given requirements
  • Interaction with the external world (interfaces, APIs, performance-oriented interprocess communication)
  • Familiarity with Linux as the runtime environment for applications
  • Problem-solving orientation, curiosity, initiative
  • Knowledge of FPGA technology (Xilinx) is desirable
  • Good understanding of performance-related issues will be a big plus: architecture of modern CPUs (multicore, cache organization, RAM), lock-free programming, user space networking

C# .NET Developer

Location: Gdynia


  • Good knowledge of NET5/6/7/8
  • Ability to create optimal architecture using design patterns according to specified requirements
  • Interaction with the external world (interfaces, APIs, interprocess communication oriented towards efficiency)
  • Familiarity with Linux as an application runtime environment
  • Problem-solving orientation, inquisitiveness, initiative

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